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Iran also called persia and officially the islamic republic of iran is a country in western asia. History of iran persia including medes and persians cyrus the great darius the persian empire the persian army persian couriers the architecture of empire persian carpets.

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Iran is a middle eastern country also known as the islamic republic of iran and has a theocratic government in which most policies are based on islamic religious ideologies.

History of iran timeline. It was founded by cyrus the great. Dabashi says of this transition. Russo persian war 18261828 facing the possibility of a russian conquest of tehran and with tabriz already occupied persia signed the treaty of turkmenchay.

Second pahlavi monarch age 22 occupies the throne after his father is exiled to south africa. A chronology of key events in irans history from the first persian empire to the present. With 82 million inhabitants iran is the worlds 18th most populous country.

Timeline of iran from 2019. Many invasions of nomadic tribes whose leaders became rulers in this country affected it negatively. A persia timeline showing major events in the ancient history of the empire of persia modern iran from 3400 bc.

Some of the countries with a theocratic government include yemen vatican city sudan and mauritania. Throughout much of early history the land known today as iran was known as the persian empire. Decisive and final cession of the last caucasian territories of iran comprising modern day armenia the remainder of the azerbaijan republic that was still in iranian hands and igdir modern day turkey.

Reza khan a military officer in persias cossack brigade names himself shah of persia after successfully staging a coup against the government of the qajar dynasty. The flirtation of reza shah with the axis powers resulted in the allied occupation of iran soon after the war began and he was forced to abdicate in favor of his son muhammad reza shah who was installed and. The first great dynasty in iran was the achaemenid which ruled from 550 to 330 bc.

Iran with its long history of early cultures and empires had suffered particularly hard during the late middle ages and the early modern period. This period was followed by the conquest of alexander the great from greece and the hellenistic period. He immediately launches an.

In the wake of alexanders conquests the parthian dynasty ruled for nearly 500 years followed by the sassanian dynasty until 661 ad.

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