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This is a timeline of italian history comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in italy and its predecessor states including ancient rome and prehistoric italy. By 42 bc the whole of italy as far north as the alps is administered as roman provinces.

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Italy facts history in brief southern europe map of italy italy excerpted from wikipedia the free encyclopedia.

Brief history of italy timeline. Small greek colonies dotted the southern coast and the island of sicily. The italian republic or italy is a country in the south of europe consisting mainly of a boot shaped peninsula together with two large islands in the mediterranean sea. The etruscans rule central italy.

The etruscans were also engineers who drained marshes. Italy history timeline timeline description. Italy gains some territories.

The etruscans built cities on a grid pattern. 1919 world war i comes to an end with the treaty of versailles. Brief history of italy.

By 500 bc a number of peoples of different ethnicity and origin shared italy. To read about the back ground check these events see history of italy. Unification 1814 to 1861 our brief history of italy culminates in unification.

With this in mind the history of italy will be discussed in brief below. The risorgimento was a complex process that eventually unified the different states of the italian peninsula into the modern nation of italy. The roman empire was instrumental in creating the foundations for modern society florence was central to the renaissance movement and rome houses the head of one of the.

A timeline of the history of italy. The romans gradually take etruscan territory. For the next few centuries the history of italy is that of rome.

Even with an ever shifting pattern of advances and losses on the empires many frontiers the italian peninsula remains a secure centre. The first civilization in italy was the etruscan which arose about 800 bc in central italy. The rise of the etruscan civilisation.

The greeks begin to found colonies in italy. Some of these cities still exist including arezzo chiusi cortona perugia and cerveteri. 1871 most of italy including rome is now united as one kingdom.

Date of the prehistoric era are approximate. A brief history of italy. Italy is situated in the heart of southern europe and is recognizable by its famous boot shape protruding into the mediterranean.

Rome rebels against the etruscans. Gauls ancestors of todays modern french roamed the mountainous north. 1895 the telegraph is invented by marconi.

1915 italy joins world war i on the side of the allies. Rome is made the capital of the kingdom of italy. The movement began in 1815 with a growing resentment towards the peninsulas domination by austria.

In 1861 a new kingdom of italy was formed and it modernized rapidly and established a huge colonial empire and colonized nations along the mediterranean and some regions of africa.

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