History Of Dogs

Dogs were probably the first tame animals. Discover the history of dogs from tame wolf pups to the fashionable lapdogs of today.

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In return dogs received companionship protection shelter and a reliable food source.

History of dogs. But when this partnership first occurred is still under some debate. The first member of the prehistoric dog family that would be recognizable as a canine came into being roughly 30 million years ago. As a result of the domestication process there is also evidence of convergent evolution having occurred between dogs and humans.

The retriever pointer and setter dogs were bred selectively which resulted in them fulfilling the needs of man. Nobody quite knows when dogs became mans best friend. The history of dog domestication is that of an ancient partnership between dogs canis lupus familiaris and humans.

The history of dogs as pets a look back at how our furry four legged family members became our friends. The history of the two is forever intertwined. They have accompanied humans for at least 20000 years and possibly as many as 40000.

That partnership was likely originally based on a human need for help with herding and hunting for an early alarm system and for a source of food in addition to the companionship many of us today know and love. The written history of domesticated dogs starts with xenophon c430 350bc regarding hunting. The domestic dogs denominated as canis lupus familiaris considering its taxonomic group as a subspecies or as canis familiaris instead a distinct species are members of the genus canis canines and form part of the wolf like canids and are the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.

Written history of the dog in the very early days of domestication and despite the friendship that had developed between humans and dogs little or no effort was made to produce anything other than useful breeds those who could be of aid to people. History of the dog although the origins of todays dog are shrouded in the mysteries of time archaeological evidence suggests that dogs had been domesticated as far back as 10000 bc. Dogs suffer from the same diseases as humans which include cancer diabetes heart disease and neurological disorders.

Dogs evolution and history sporting dog breeds retrievers pointers and setters sporting dogs hunt by air scent as opposed to ground scent. Known as cynodesmus this large coyote type creature was just one of natures many attempts to create a biologically successful canine. Scientists generally agree that all dogs domestic and wild share.

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