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Sinha c1 fox lee s. Prescientific psychology prescientific psychology in india the buddha pondered how sensations and perceptions combined to form ideas.

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History of psychology in india. Indian psychology in the twenty first century shows that the initial emphasis on the replication of western studies has given way to socially relevant research and that there is a shift from experimental work micro toward understanding the psychological social and cultural contexts macro using qualitative approaches. Every scientific discipline has its specific protocols procedures and methodologies that are considered essential in order to arrive at valid knowledge. It is a perspective that has made a complete turn around.

Psychology in modern india girishwar misra 1 and anand c. Discusses the indigenization movement of psychology in india which attempts to develop a context sensitive discipline that can understand the concept of mind and human behavior from the cultural perspective. The move toward this spiriual science has been gradual and is still developing today.

The basics by matthijs cornelissen sri aurobindo ashram pondicherry. Socrates and his student plato believed that the mind was separate from the body that it continued to exist after death and that ideas were innate. The science of human behavior emerged in germany and during the world war psychology travelled to united states and emerged in india approximately 70 years ago.

There is also evidence of psychological thought in ancient egypt. Psychology covers human behavior interesting facts about life etc. The history of psychology as a scholarly study of the mind and behavior dates back to the ancient greeks.

Academicians and research have started looking at problems in a more holistic manner and an eclectic approach is preferred today. Socrates 469 399 bce plato 428 348 bce. Very high level of work on mind sciences one can find in vedic scriptures of sanatana dharm hinduism from the dated back of unknow history there was application of certain principle as a part in yogic practices of india.

Indian psychology has a relatively short history but is based in millenia old traditions. In the following sections attempts are made to understand the progress of social psychology in india as a euro american enterprise. Since then our indian psychologists have worked really hard to recognize psychology as a separate discipline.

Today this belief is known as indian psychology. Paranjpe 2 without abstract the history of psychological thought in the indian subcontinent may be divided into three distinct periods. Psychology with particular reference to indian work.

George mathew phd the term indian psychology refers to the psychologically relevant materials in ancient indian thought. This psychology uses the traditions from ancient india. First a multi millennial span from antiquity to the founding of the british empire.

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