History Of Yule And Christmas

The history of the yule log cake stretches all the way back to europes iron age before the medieval era. The winter solstice occurs on this day at 0114 ut.

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A chocolate yule log or buche de noel is now a popular christmas desert or pudding.

History of yule and christmas. Yule was revived in the 19th century by bored writers to mean the christmas of merrie england probably because it sounds sort of old and cool. It is decorated with meringue mushrooms sugared cobwebs marzipan holly sprigs etc. It is called yule by wiccans who consider it one of their four minor sabbats.

Origin of christmas lights pagan yule log. The yule period begins with the arra geola moon which grows full in late november or the first few weeks of december and the season then continues for two lunar months. The burning of the yule log was a reminent celebration of musa teaching the caveman how to heat his cave in 2000 bc.

Lets take a look at some of the history behind this celebration and the many customs and traditions that have emerged at the time of the winter solstice all around the globe. Yule is an ancient pagan festival celebrating the rebirth of the sun god and takes place on the winter solstice. It is celebrated by followers of many aboriginal and neopagan religions around the world.

From the 4th century gothic language it appears in the month name fruma jiuleis and in the 8th century the english historian bede wrote that the anglo saxon calendar included the months geola or giuli corresponding with either modern december or december and january. Yule is attested early in the history of the germanic peoples. A chocolate sponge cake rolled and filled with vanilla cream and frosted with chocolate butter cream to mimic a log or a tree bark.

Followers of shinto observe tohji taisai the grand ceremony of the. They are made of a chocolate sponge roll layered with cream. You might be thinking of a traditional dessert served during christmas.

Lights were of great significance to the european as they worshiped the warmth and light that fire brought to europe during their often foggy and inclimate weather. What does the name yule log mean to you. Its traditionally eaten in france and belgium where they are known as kerststronk in flemish.

Back then celtic brits and gaelic europeans would gather to welcome the winter. Now neo pagans like followers of wicca who i think like to pretend to be spell casters and like to run nude in the woods celebrate yule. As a festival of the sun the most important part of any yule celebration is light candles bonfires and more.

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